About MCE

Realizing The Dream

In 1999, two engineers set out to develop a structural design firm that would demonstrate the ideal of what they could see the industry was needing. Having worked together for many years in a large international firm, Jim Mehltretter and Armando Castellón wanted to create an organization with all the capabilities and resources of a large firm and maintain the agility and unique strengths and advantages of a small, local office. It was about reclaiming their passion for design, dropping the corporate firm mentality and getting back to personal attention and accountability on a project; knowing their clients and better understanding their needs so they could generate designs that were comprehensive, complete, and tailored to the needs and expectations of the building owner.

Since our founding, MCE has extended these services across the United States, while still keeping our Small/Minority Business status. Specializing in structural design, threshold inspections, and forensic engineering, we have blazed a trail of high performance engineering. No challenge has been too great or opportunity too small to capture our creativity towards generating dynamic, sustainable designs. Our experience includes educational, medical, commercial, residential, government, judicial and religious structures, as well as museums, airports and historical renovations. The MCE team continues to be individually involved in each project that comes across the table, ensuring the same expertise and passion that founded this firm is poured into every structure we design.